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Atria together

Enabling people to transform communities, earn income, invest, have credit & enjoy a flexible life.


Repurposing communities. Changing living.

At Atria we are passionate about technology, flexible living, community and innovative architecture – so we are building custom made solutions to make all of them possible at once, in one place.

  • Creation of a new and exciting investment and lifestyle opportunity for a booming public
  • The ultimate tool to overcome the lack of solutions for this public
  • Easy, accessible and dedicated solutions
  • Enable Atrians to build their own real estate portfolio, access different ways of income, have cash in hand, book stays, create events and connect with like minded people.
  • Innovative and dedicated properties
  • Living and working spaces for companies and individuals
  • Transform lives and communities with a profitable & powerful social solution
  • Collateral target – tourism market



Since the conception until the current stages we’ve been on a journey of qualification and innovation. At Atria we developed amazing concepts, groundbreaking technology, took advantage of sophisticated legal frames, created green and cost effective architectural models, tested verified suppliers and much more.





Funding target. Minimal seed of €5.000,00 (= 0.80% equity)


SAGL Paid Up Capital


SAGL Incorporation


Registered CH Address


CH Monthly Accounting (1yr)


IT-SPV Incorporation


IT-SPV Accounting & Audit (1yr)


CH Financial Licenses and Op.


Tech Integrations




Cash Flow

About the
investment group

What is pre-seed funding? Pre-seed funding is often the earliest stage of funding, coming before seed funding and other stages. During this stage, investors provide startups with capital to begin developing products or in Atria case to realize the proof-of-work in exchange for equity.

Angel groups” are groups of angel investors who regularly convene as a group, online or in-person, to evaluate and invest in startups. Be part of the Atria dedicated angel investment group and hold shares at our pre-seed round.

Atria Angels Association (or AAA) is the initial investment fund at pre-seed level for www.goatria.com and its related SAGL (Swiss limited company). The AAA is composed of Atria’s angels represented via/by the fund legal entity (Limited Company or SPV).

The group will interact with Atria via its initial representative Walmir Kesseli (click for Bio). And following the first 12 months will perform the first of periodical elections by the members to appoint its representative.

Atria Angels Association (or AAA) has an initial statute (syndicate statue) that can be updated upon voting. To access the current statute please contact us.

The AAA will hold 8% of the company shares.

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