€ 60.000,00

Your Equity

€ 150.000,00

Current Total Value

€ 15,00

Monthly Income per Fraction

20 %
ROI (yr)
Payback (yr)
+ 0 %

Strongest Points

About the property

Land of about 6000 square meters, with prevalence of olive trees, ideal to provide a pleasant shade in the summer months.
The villa will be constructed using light, modern and eco-efficient materials (frame-house). Its conception will embrace Atria’s flexible concept, meaning that the villa can be used/rented as one or 2 separate units. Everything build matching the most beautiful puglian style.

Development completion: September 22

Size: 225m²

High: 7.2m

Type: 3 internal units

Fraction Price: €1400

Initial Fractions: 200

Crowd Investment 100%
Property Development 100%

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