Travel and tourism expected to grow to $8.6 trillion in 2022

Could brighter days be ahead? Travel and tourism areexpected to return to almost pre-pandemic levels this year, and a top health official says Europe could be about to enter “a long period of tranquility.”Here’s the latest news from CNN Travel this week.

Tourism is bouncing back

Omicron is still raging, but travel is pushing forward. Travel and tourism could generate $8.6 trillion globally this year, according to new research by the World Travel & Tourism Council. That’s just 6.4% below pre-pandemic levels.More countries have announced reopening plans. Denmark, whose population has a high 81% vaccination rate, has become the first EU country to lift all Covid-19 restrictions, while Morocco has announced plans to reopen to tourists on February 7. (You can listen to Anthony Bourdain’s take on Tangier on the “Parts Unknown” podcast.) Even cautious New Zealand is gradually opening its doors.Does this mean a return to normal? Europe, for one, could be in store for “a long period of tranquility,” Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization’s regional director for Europe, said Thursday.Let’s hope the rest of the world is in for some tranquility, too.

World’s deepest high-speed railway station

Some 335 feet (102 meters) below the Great Wall, China has built another engineering marvel. The three-story Badaling Great Wall Station serves the historic Beijing-Zhangjiakou intercity railway and is built below Badaling, the most popular section of the centuries-old wall.Constructing a complex railway station, with a 7.5-mile-long (12 kilometer) ​tunnel system, under a UNESCO World Heritage site was no easy task. Here’s how they did it.This groundbreaking station is just another achievement reached for China’s rapidly developing high-speed rail network — the world’s largest by some distance. Take a look at its 21st-century evolution.



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